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Tweetlinks, 10-16-09

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FIND’s Filmmaker Forum 2009: Getting an Education about Film Festivals – ‘Film Independent’s Filmmaker Forum: Cracking the educational market & the new role of film festivals’.

‘Calvin Trillin accurately and hilariously explains how Wall St. started to fail when smart people went there’:Wall Street Smarts

‘Is a Big Pool of Money for content producers an interesting idea? Worth exploring?’ The Big Pool of Money experiment. Your thoughts?

85 wordpress plugins for blogging journalists

UNC Scientists demonstrate link between genetic defect and brain changes in schizophrenia (video)

The Omnivore’s Dilemma for Kids, updated, abridged and illustrated.

David Brooks writes on neuroscience,,,and does not make a fool of himself for a change: The Young and the Neuro.

Progress in Bioethics: Science, Policy, and Politics.

Lovely poem: Someone Is Wrong…On The Internet.

The Flight Of The Falcon, in verse.

‘Lovely visualization of the insights on human beings possible by studying Google Suggest’: The Oracle in Your Browser

Singing mice: Barbara Stebbins, Middle School Science Teacher

Blogworldexpo Keynote panel ‘The death and rebirth of journalism’

RT @jdlasica @Scobleizer on stage now: The Huffington Post surpassed the Washington Post in traffic just yesterday. #bwe09

Hey, I am in this video: CREE Green Jobs Press Conference

Ouch! Gawker: The Washington Post Has the Worst Opinion Section in America.

Reading, E-Books and the Brain– ‘What can E-Books teach us about the reading brain?’

I’d like to teach the world to blog – how to get scientist to start using blogging tools?

Effortless Perfection – “girl on the elliptical machine who is simultaneously highlighting her copy of Alberts”

Why Everything in Superfreakonomics About Global Warming Is Wrong

One More Piece in the VACV Ecological Puzzle: Could Peridomestic Rodents Be the Link between Wildlife and Bovine Vaccinia Outbreaks in Brazil?

Democracy Corps: Republican Base Voters Living In Another World