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Tweetlinks, 10-17-09

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I tweeted a lot today. I was mesmerized by the rich tweetstream emanating from the National Science Writers conference in Austin – see today’s program and tune in tomorrow for more.

Unfortunately, there was not that much tweeting from the ASBH (bioethics) conference in D.C., but I will get the first-hand detailed report tomorrow night when @ccziv comes back home.

And I indulged in a lot of conversing and retweeting and other stuff, so what follows is just a selection of interesting links I tweeted today:

Tampon scarcity in Brooklyn.

Nurse whistleblowers face jail time for reporting quack to medical board

Jerry Coyne’s View of Random Genetic Drift

Nasty and mean with a side of stupid . Yup, the guy is a school teacher in the USA!

Big Plastic Jugs for victims of Health Insurance Business deaths panels: The plastic jug meme

The Republican Party is an iPhone application! LOL: video.

New GPS tracker opens doors for marine research in sunfish.

Signing a public petition means taking a public stand.

Mental health in Kenya.

What problems does Google Wave solve?

PBS Botany of Desire

Defining blogs and blogging.

Scientists on Twitter: Science Pond

Chiropractors cause controversy.

Balloon Boy Saga Offers Lesson in Eyewitness Testimony and Exclusive: I Helped Richard Heene Plan a Balloon Hoax and Sheriff: Charges to be filed in balloon saga.

Excellent: Mesopredators gone wild.

At ScienceOnline2010 we’ll have session “how journos know which scientists to trust”. How about turning the tables? Burned many times before, how should scientists figure out which, if any, journalists to trust?

Chimpanzees Are Altruistic – But Only If You Ask Nicely.

Build a high resolution spectrograph in 15 minutes – Awesome!

Map of social media.

Blogging, tweeting and conferences and On Twitter and perhaps Web 3.0. Perhaps not.

Subject: Our Marketing Plan

The Top U.S. Politics Blogs, Via Technorati’s Update.

The Internet abhors a funnel.

Caution: Health Insurance May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Open Access Week 2009 comes to Wellington!