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Tweetlinks, 10-20-09

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Seasonal blues – as a SAD sufferer I agree – spring and summer rock; fall and winter…try to survive.

Byte Size Biology: Weekly poll: favorite wolf metric? – (yup, scientometrics)

This is morbid and spectacular: Photos of remote birds killed by our trash – how we are killing the world with our plastic!

Downie-Schudson journalism report: Who are they writing for?

Stuart Shieber: Is open-access journal publishing a vanity publishing industry? – ‘Not likely’

PLoS article citations per day, colored by publication year – Shows that PLoS ONE has an overall equal rate of citation to PLoS Biology.

£2 million more for Wellcome Trust author fund and German Research Foundation funding for university author funds.

Interactive 3D Molecules in PLoS ONE articles

The anti-vaccine war on science: An epidemic of fear and The New Plague.

Scroogenomics: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Presents for the Holidays

‘Guerrilla OA’ done right. and discussion.

PNAS will publish controversial papers, journal says – PNAS paper conclusion like saying if “humans had sex with fish and then you get whales”

I never thought of a 404 page as an opportunity!

Mob Rule! How Users Took Over Twitter

Superfreakonomics: How did they get climate change so wrong? – “…contrarianism may be fun, but it’s not for amateurs.”

PLoS Medicine is 5 this week

Lasers used to write false memories onto the fruit fly brain

Notebooks Aside…Science writers grapple with digital media at annual meeting

The incompetent workplace bullies – Psychologists have found that bullying happens more when bosses don’t feel up to the job.

CREE LED Creates NC Jobs

Are We Playing Telephone With Our Information? – In the media, Non-Scientists are deciding what is important.

Wellcome Trust calls for greater transparency from journals on open access publishing costs

The Growth of Citizen Science – How amateurs are contributing to research.