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Tweetlinks, 10-23-09

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Science as a Religion that Worships Doubt as its God and Science and the Worship of Truth

Designing for the wrong target audience (or why Drupal should be a developer tool and not a consumer product)

The first African open access institutional mandate story (pdf)

Open Access Week – the challenge from the Wellcome Trust – ‘Major UK funder comments on scale & pace of OA development “probably now an unstoppable movement” ‘

Cal Academy of Sciences spotlights OA and PLoS (new video features our CEO): Open Access and PLoS

Wakeful Orcas – whales/dolpins do not sleep for two months after giving birth!

ICU stay before death common in the U.S. – ‘People who die in US hospital nearly 5X as likely as in UK to have spent part of final hours in ICU’

For those who can see Twitter lists, I just made a ScienceOnline2010 attendees list.

Richard Dawkins’ View of Random Genetic Drift

Open Access Week: a researcher’s perspective part II

‘Fox News was founded to de-legitimate journalism’: Fox among the pigeons – “Fox is to news what pro wrestling is to sports: only idiots can’t see that the fix is in. Also lots of shouting & fake blondes”

A powerful photography exhibition: Pollution in China

The Science of Retweets on Twitter – ‘Meme contagion gets the scientific treatment’