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Tweetlinks, 10-24-09

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Open Source Science Commons

ScienceOnline2010 Hotel information is now up.

No Einstein in Your Crib? Get a Refund

RT @eroston “Dangerous article for not saying–whatever US thinks–temps are rising and industry is responsible”: Survey Says: Americans Not Worried About Global Warming

Journalists sink in The Atlantic article on vaccines

Why Journalists Shouldn’t Be Defending Fox News and NPR’s Ken Rudin Apologizes for ‘Boneheaded Mistake’ and 8 Reasons Fox Is Not a News Organization.

A Short-Faced Bear’s Mammoth Picnic and Mammoth toes – Why would a bear waste its time eating a mammoth’s foot?

Dr. Isis and PalMD on Bloggingheads!

RDFa on PLoS – ‘We just added Dublin Core RDFa to all our articles’

Croatia – an emerging birding destination! and so is Serbia.

A very detailed summary of ScienceWriters 09, workshops & Sunday morning New Horizons: Science Writers 2009 Conference

Superfreakonomics not just wrong on climate change, but also on prostitution: Prostitution, for fun and profit – Juicy smackdown!

RT @ccziv @PaulaRobinson Nurses Needed – “Ever wonder why there are so many new “nursey” shows? Media manipulates public, as usual”

The Accidental Cyberjournalist – Why do so few j-school students plan to go into online news? I wonder if situation changed in the past 3 yrs especially with closing of so many outlets & vigorous discussion of “The Future”…

Listen to Duke Radio show – @maninranks interviewed @mistersugar and me about #scio10, #SITT and science blogging

Here’s a list of NC museums by county.

Will Open Access inhibit innovation?