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Tweetlinks, 10-25-09

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Collaboration across news organizations: National (climate) The Climate Countdown and Local (healthcare) Madison media launch All Together Now with a collaborative reporting project on health care.

How to talk about human evolution to lay audience? Dawkins and Hewitt – John is onto something there, methinks….

Bachmann being ‘an authentic representative of the Republican base’ is the only thing George Will got right in this screed.

Discussing end-of-life care in the ICU and saving Medicare money

Projectile weapons and carnivores – I also saw that talk, but @tdelene explains it better than I possibly can.

Communicating Science in the 21st Century (video) – Excellent panel except for the minute 71:57-72:45 which demonstrates exactly what is wrong with journalism: View From Nowhere.

Stop Your Search Engines mentions MacFreedom.

Prosecutors Turn Tables on Student Journalists and Prosecutors Attack Innocence Project Journalism Students.

Visual representation of dinosaurs as it changed over the years (movie)

Mantis shrimp eyes outclass DVD players, inspire new technology

Amy Wallace in Wired on Dr Paul Offit and the Anti-Vaccination Movement: Superb, Engaging Science Journalism

Museum of Animal Perspectives – cameras in nature, on animals.

The Accidental Cyberjournalist – Why do so few j-school students plan to go into online news? Topic of today’s CollegeJourn chat.

Register for Science Online 2010 before it’s too late! and Upcoming conference ScienceOnline 2010

A Public Can Talk To Itself: Why The Future of News is Actually Pretty Clear

A field guide to the microbes?

The History and Evolution of Social Media

TheStar.com Redesign

John Hagel on The Social Web – “Social Web feels ‘a bit like Back to the Future’ for people who have a long history with the Internet.”

RT @mistersugar ScienceOnline2010 attracting int’l participation – 9 countries represented so far. See who’s coming.