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Tweetlinks, 10-28-09

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Science Fiction has no necessary connection with Science: Your Mind Tricks Won’t Work On Me, Jedi and ScienceOnline’09 – interview with Blake Stacey.

The Atlantic article: sur rebuttal

If FriendFeed does not die by then, we’ll use this Room for live coverage of #scio10, if not – GoogleWave? I am wondering if it will become ubiquitous by mid-January….

UNC and NCSU generate three biomedical engineering spinoffs since 2007: Chasing an idea

What Obama’s Doing With Fox News

Mammoths in the news – Woolly mammoths in Spain? – sure just vacationing. It’s a beautiful coast…

Nasty BCBS anti-public-option fliers backfire: BCBS plea to customers on reform hits a nerve

Flu Self-Assessment:”Could I have H1N1 flu (swine flu)?”

This is why children need the H1N1 flu vaccine

Wired posts Amy Wallace love/hate mail compiled from Twitter feed

How to explain science to your friends

What women want may change during her cycle: Eye of the Beholder

12 Awesome Social Media Halloween Pumpkin Carvings – yes, I also love the Fail Whale the best.

Product placements in movies: When they work, and when they don’t

If you don’t get what the problems with plastics in the ocean are, check this out: A Tale of Entanglement (video)

Circadian Surprise: Mechanism Of Temperature Synchronization In Drosophila

Birds Use Light, Not Magnetic Field, to Migrate – biomagnetite vs. cryptochrome debate is far from over. Overstated PR?

Magic and Marvelous Boxes, and the Future of Newsrooms

Correction Fluid – Lessons from the Scalia misquote heard ’round the Web

Amazing pics! RT @tdelene: Wow: Barn swallow clears two inch opening on the way home – at 35 MPH! A job for superswallow

‘Hey Jude’ Flowchart

A Happy Family of Pachycephalosaurus