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The Program is now finalized – the schedule of rooms and times can be found here. What an incredible line-up of moderators/presenters and intriguing topics!

And if you think that making the schedule was easy….it took a couple of hours of moving the index cards around until I got the Best Possible Schedule in place:


Sorry, a little blurry, I know – taken by iPhone. But yes, each Index card had the title of a session and names of moderators on it. And I used several different criteria to try to make the least conflicting schedule. I hope it works….


  1. #1 Elia
    October 29, 2009

    Hey, it worked for Nabokov!

  2. #2 coturnix
    October 29, 2009

    He had many more index cards! And he was working on a novel. But I can aspire….

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