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Tweetlinks, 10-29-09

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Science journalists, bloggers and the Brave New World we live in

Whispers Offstage? Could Be Actor’s Next Line

College Newspaper Writing in the GoogleAge

Information technology boosts popular science education in poor areas

Building an open Carolina news network

The Mammoths in Spain Lived Mainly on the Plains

Venomous shrews and lizards evolved toxic proteins in the same way

Dunbar number – misunderstanding it and understanding it and understanding it really well.

Open Access is the short-sighted fight

The global impact of OA week 2009

Concerning pseudonymity on blogs, it is always a good idea to revisit The Pseudonymity Laboratory

Coming to #scio10? Start signing up for Workshops: just edit that wiki page, add number and your name.

“If you want to help re-boot the news you should know about Studio 20, a new NYU Masters program”

Med students hoist P2P Jolly Roger to get access to papers: A study provides evidence that file sharing takes place with some very specialized media: the research papers published in scientific journals.

Should Scientists be Tweeting and Should You Be Tweeting?

Type of work affects the level of stress in horses (about this paper)

“Would be great to have this sorta thing in the Triangle”: The Imagine Science Film Fest

Need funding for a postdoc, sabbatical, or meeting? NESCent welcomes your proposals; due Dec1.