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Tweetlinks, 10-30-09

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On science writing and journalism: Scientists can’t write? and Science journalism–critical analysis, not debate and Three kinds of knowledge about science and journalism. Recommended.

A new treatment for chronic wounds

Open Source Science? Or Distributed Science?

Pretty Greeting Cards Warble, Tweet to Readers

Big-headed tiger snakes support long-neglected theory of genetic assimilation

UNC-CH, NCSU professor, entrepreneur Joseph DeSimone to receive top N.C. award

Seed article about animal homosexuality got an IL teacher suspended. Former students of the suspended teacher have set up a Facebook group in support.

The Data Explosion and the Scientific Method

China outperforms US on green issues

The recession is turning more people into paid clinical trial volunteers

Bio crude, a potentially lethal brain infection and asthma…

Don’t Get Cocky, Twitter – on Twitter lists and why they are not “ready” yet.

As journalists, are we our own brands?

Five reasons corporations are failing at social media

New Science Journalism Projectcollaborative science news by journalism students worldwide.

Journalist Amy Wallace Welcomes ‘Conversation’ She’s Started About Vaccines

Sex and hand differences in circadian wrist activity are independent from sex and hand differences in 2D:4D

Study Surprise Yields New Target for Assessing Genes Linked to Autism

Prof replaces term papers with Wikipedia contributions, suffering ensues

Extreme Pumpkins – the ultimate guide to carving pumpkins – I wish I saw this site earlier!

Big Breasts: An Indicator of Dangerous Fat Deposition?

Malaria Vaccines: Where Next?

Make nominations for NC Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Center Awards.

No news to report? Are you sure about that?

Russ Campbell starts a series of interviews with participants of #sciwri09 with the interview with Deborah Blum: People I met at the World Conference of Science Journalists

Casual Fridays: Is political wishy-washiness a general phenomenon?

PLoS at ASTMH 2009 – Booth 501

Nurse Ratched:Your Byline Has Blogger Envy – “There was a time when only journalists wrote the news….”

Social networks – are they useful or pointless? For scientists, you cannot collect people. You collect data and people will collect themselves, attracted to the data.

The Incredible Macro Bug Portraiture of Thomas Shahan

Basic concepts: Truth. (this one’s for bookmarking)

Jonah Lehrer: Outsider Intelligence – got hard problems? Don’t turn them over to experts – ask outsiders.

Do scientists encourage misleading media coverage? PR officers, not scientists.