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Boom ‘n’ Doom: Volcanoes, North Carolina and North Carolina Volcanoes

November 18th; Acro Café on the fourth floor of the Museum of Natural Sciences

8:30-10:00 am with discussion beginning at 9:00 followed by Q&A

Volcanic activity half a world away can affect us in our own state. When Indonesia’s Mount Tambora erupted over about 4 days in 1815, the resulting debris cloud led to the “Year Without Summer” in 1816, which was marked by massive crop failures from Europe to North Carolina. Join in a discussion of recent and historical world-wide volcanic events, and find out about old North Carolina volcanoes. Learn about the new Mineral Spectroscopy Laboratory and how Museum research is helping understand and ameliorate the effects of large scale volcanic eruptions.

About the Speaker: Dr. Chris Tacker has been the Research Curator in Geology for the Museum of Natural Sciences since 1996. His work involves mineralogy and its application to understanding geologic processes, especially those that involve fluids and big explosions. Recently, the National Science Foundation awarded him two grants for mineral spectroscopy. He also writes on North Carolina geology for the general public, and appears on the Museum’s PBS program Exploring North Carolina.

RSVP: katey.ahmann@ncdenr.gov; or call 919-733-7450 ext.531


  1. #1 DeLene
    November 5, 2009

    Darn. I will still be away when this happens — looks like a good talk.

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