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Tweetlinks, 11-06-09

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Scientwists Twitter List by David Bradley on Listorious

FLOTUS: Elevating the social status of nerds everywhere

An open letter to the medical community – Some passionate debate about personal genomics!

The Genomic Ark: 10,000 vertebrate genomes

Beautiful electron microscopic and computer modelling images from the new book by Frankel & Whitesides

Claiming to be unbiased is a patronising fairytale, so let’s just own up to our agendas

International Wolf Center Podcasts

Knowledge as a public good

Get with the times, Jay Rosen tells journos

LOL – Republicans come up with their own Healthcare plan: Congressional Budget Office Thrashes Republican Health-Care Plan. Embarassing!

This is bad, this is very bad – shooting at Ft. Hood

Polarized News? The Media’s Moderate Bias

For improving early literacy, reading comics is no child’s play

The age of informavore

Deals and their consequences, reports on green technology & personalized medicine

Calculating Animal Intelligence and Top 10 Smartest Mammals

On the media (or press) – science journalism, right and wrong.

Reflections on Science 2.0 from a distance – Part II

Awesome computer animation (wmv download) by Animusic.

The Secret to Learning is Unlearning

Responsibility: Shane and Joe – Health Care Organizational Ethics: “For every lone cowboy, there’s a community of support”

Response to Dan Ariely’s Duke Sex Toy Study Is Predictably Irrational

World-Science podcast: Swine Flu in the Amazon, Fixing Technological Fixes, Tsavo Lions and forum: Making Technology Work — for People with Anu Ramaswami.

Student journalists wage battle for H1N1 death certificates

Year of Energy 2009

Can We Talk About Science? I Mean, Really?

Pseudo-quackery in Pain Management: a field with a large gray zone between overt quackery and evidence-based care

How Would Los Angeles Look with No Cars?