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As you know you can see everyone who’s registered for the conference, but I highlight 4-6 participants every day as this may be an easier way for you to digest the list. You can also look at the Program so see who is doing what. Anne-Marie Hodge is a Biology graduate student at the University…

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I have made this a rather long letter because I haven’t had time to make it shorter. – Blaise Pascal

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Redeem thy mis-spent time that’s past: Live this day, a if ’twere they last. – Bishop Thomas Ken

Dangerous Wands (video)

This movie should be made, with Emma Watson starring: See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Chinese Food On Christmas (video)

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Recreation is intended to the mind as whetting is to the scythe, to sharpen the edge of it, which otherwise would grow dull and blunt. He, therefore, that spends his whole time in recreation is ever whetting, never mowing; his grass may grow and his steed starve. As, contrarily, he that always toils and never…

How to Peel A Banana Like A Monkey (video)

I always opened it this way. My Mom taught me this decades ago. What are you saying? We are descended from monkeys?!@#$%^&*! No way!

Give A Squirrel A Helping Hand (video)

Interesting how the parent is steering the youngster towards the bag, trying to get it to use it as a prop!

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Living and dying is not the big issue. The big issue is what you’re going to do with your time while you are here. – Bill T. Jones

New and Exciting in PLoS this week

Is Our Self Nothing but Reward? Neuronal Overlap and Distinction between Reward and Personal Relevance and Its Relation to Human Personality: The attribution of personal relevance, i.e. relating internal and external stimuli to establish a sense of belonging, is a common phenomenon in daily life. Although previous research demonstrated a relationship between reward and personal…