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Chocolate Poundcake

This is what the Bride Of Coturnix fixed this week – so delicious, it disappeared within a day or two, but I managed to save the picture for posterity before everyone dug in:

Our first 2010 American Scientist pizza lunch is scheduled for noon, Tuesday, Jan. 26. at Sigma Xi in Research Triangle Park. No doubt you’ve heard about the many forces degrading coastlines. This time we’ll hear from someone intimately involved with the challenges of conserving and restoring North Carolina coastal ecosystems, especially oyster reefs. That would…

Clock Quotes

Coolidge’s Law: Anytime you don’t want anything, you get it. – John Calvin Coolidge

Jeff Ives at ScienceOnline2010 (video)

Post with the Most contest

I understand that some excellent entries have already been submitted to the Post with the Most 2010 contest: Tom Paine’s Ghost is excited to announce a composition competition. A $100 cash prize will be awarded for the most aesthetically powerful multi-media blog post. Post content is limited only by the bounds of imagination. Keep in…

Leah Gordon at ScienceOnline2010 (video)

#scio10 intro Dr. Kiki Sanford (video)