A Blog Around The Clock

First, I would like to welcome Gozde Zorlu to the blogosphere – check out her blog and say Hello. Gozde is a science journalism student with Connie St.Louis (the same class as Christine Ottery who many of you met at ScienceOnline2010).

Gozde is interested in many aspects of science communication and journalism and more:

Here, I’ll be catapulting into the big world wide web my exploration of the social, cultural and political implications of research in science, medicine and the environment. Also, I’ll be blogging about issues to do with science in the media, science education and policy.

In her first post – Journalism and the public understanding of how science works. A suggested remedy., which nominally is a response to this post of mine, but really addresses more deeply the Nature article by Toby Murcott that calls for opening peer reviewers’ comments to journalists, Gozde begins a series of serious, thoughtful essays on the topic. Go and read it, post comments, respond.

You can also follow her on Twitter.

Update: Gozde has now posted her second part of the three-part series: So what do the journalists and scientists think?

Update: I have updated all the links above to reflect the recent migration of the blog to a new address.