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Liz Strauss (@lizstrauss) – Founder of SOBCon, brand strategist:

The Submission form is here so you can get started. Under the fold are entries so far, as well as buttons and the bookmarklet. The instructions for submitting are here.

Tal Givoly (@givoly) – Chief Scientist, Amdocs:

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I never think when I write. Nobody can do two things at the same time and do them both well. – Don Marquis

WWW2010 is starting tonight. Interested to know more about it? Sure, here’s the brief history: The World Wide Web was first conceived in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The first conference of the series, WWW1, was held at CERN in 1994 and organized by Robert Cailliau. The IW3C2 was founded by…

David Carr (@carr2n) – Writes Media Equation column, blogs @ Decoder & covers pop culture at NY Times:

Maggie Koerth-Baker, who I finally met in person at AAAS meeting, just designed an amazing feature on BoingBoing – the Antarctica: It’s about the Antarctic Geospatial Information Center, a group of researchers based at the University of Minnesota who do the information processing and visualization that makes other research on the Frozen Continent possible. The…

Ann Curry: #140conf (video)

Ann Curry (@AnnCurry) News Anchor on NBC’s Today Show and host of Dateline NBCAlso watch her backstage interview:

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At this time of day, in the twilight, there is no wind. At this time there is only power. – Don Juan to Carlos Castaneda

Andy Carvin (@acarvin) – Senior strategist at NPR; Eric Kuhn (@CNN) – Audience Interaction Producer, CNN; Jennifer Preston (@NYT_JenPreston) – Social-Media Editor of The New York Times; Ryan Osborn (@todayshow) – Producer, NBC’s TODAY: