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Drunk History – Nikola Tesla (video)

I wonder how much more (and more accurate) detail this guy would get when sober. And how much less most other people would be able to say when sober….

Ant tea-party protest (video)

Hat-tip: Annalee Newitz: Crazy Brazilian pranksters managed to get a colony of real ants to carry tiny protest signs in a demonstration against the insecticide Baygon. Need I say that I welcome our new insect overlords?

Neil Fraser was curious about this question, so he built a centrifuge at home and recorded a lava lamp at 3G (which is higher than Jupiter, actually). He explains the details here. [hat-tip]

A shark conservation documentary and lesson plan, made by David Shiffman of Southern Fried Science.

Snake-mimicking Moth

[copyright Miroslav Midanovic]


This one is big: [Copyright Miroslav Midanovic]


…mimicking a snake: [Copyright Miroslav Midanovic]

Friday Balkan Food Blogging: Krempita

The Bride Of Coturnix fixed a Krempita yesterday: Yummmmmmmmmmmm!

Give A Squirrel A Helping Hand (video)

Interesting how the parent is steering the youngster towards the bag, trying to get it to use it as a prop!