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(hat-tip @tdelene @aubiefan on Twitter)

Give A Squirrel A Helping Hand (video)

Interesting how the parent is steering the youngster towards the bag, trying to get it to use it as a prop!

The Amazing Bouncing Pebble Toad (video)

Seen on DeLene’s Facebook wall….

The craziest fish jaws ever (video)

(via Deep Sea News)

Bird Tango (video)

Professor Nicky Clayton researches the social behaviour, intelligence and dance credentials of birds! As an accomplished dancer in her own right she has fused her passions by collaborating with Rambert Dance Company to produce a Darwinian inspired ballet called The Comedy of Change.

No more ‘alpha male’!

L. David Mech is a famous wolf researcher (and a blogger about his research). If you have heard of a concept of “alpha-male” it is because of ideas from an old book of his, about social structure of wolf societies. However, most of the early research on wolves was done on artificially built groups, e.g.,…

Most people are aware that social insects, like honeybees, have three “sexes”: queens, drones and workers. Drones are males. Their only job is to fly out and mate with the queen after which they drop dead. Female larvae fed ‘royal jelly’ emerge as queens. After mating, the young queen takes a bunch of workers with…

Mating slugs

I know PZ has recently posted a picture and a video of slugs mating. But these pictures were taken here in North Carolina, by blog reader Kris Barstow, who says: The year was 1999 plus or minus a year, the site was a few miles from Asheboro, NC. I don’t recall the season, but it…