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Spiders On Drugs

If you missed it before, I have written about this kind of research before – this is interesting stuff, as much as the video is just plain funny (video, hat-tip: Psique).

The six secrets of squid sex

w00t! Miriam Goldstein had a piece published in Slate! The real references to that piece arehere.

Long-time readers of this blog remember that, some years ago, I did a nifty little study on the Influence of Light Cycle on Dominance Status and Aggression in Crayfish. The department has moved to a new building, the crayfish lab is gone, I am out of science, so chances of following up on that study…

Evolution in PLoS ONE

Evolution is the theme of the month for January at PLoS ONE, so we have picked , for your pleasure, some of our papers for the Top picks in Evolutionary Biology. In conjuction with this, I have also conducted an interview with our Evolution Section Editor Dr.Tom Tregenza. Dr.Tom Tregenza studies sexual selection and sexual…

This is your weekend reading – lots of it, some fascinating, some enraging, but perhaps if enough people are aware and scream loudly enough, something can be done: Assistance Monkeys, Ducks, Parrots, Pigs and Ducks … Should the law protect them? More Follow Up on NYT Story About Assistance Creatures More Assistance Creature Follow Up…

See the discussion about identification of this strange animal here. Is it correct?

Grackles are Smart! (video)

Bird of Paradise Mating Behavior (video)

Leopard takes down 2 Wildebeest (video)