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Tigress Kill 14 foot Long Crocodile (video)

Twin baby moose in sprinkler (video)

Crime of Passion (video)

Naughty male Australian satin bower bird selectively steals blue items to decorate his nest. The female bower birds rate their partner by their home decor so they do a lot of stealing.

Hummingbird Nest Documentary (video)

Bizarre Squid Sex (no video)

In National Geographic: A new investigation into the tangled sex lives of deep-sea squid has uncovered a range of bizarre mating techniques. The cephalopods’ intimate encounters include cutting holes into their partners for sex, swapping genders, and deploying flesh-burrowing sperm. These and other previously unknown reproductive strategies were documented in a survey of ten squid…

A well-written press release on a very well done and exciting study: Honey bees on cocaine dance more, changing ideas about the insect brain: In a study published in 2007, Robinson and his colleagues reported that treatment with octopamine caused foraging honey bees to dance more often. This indicated that octopamine played a role in…

Dolphins Clip – Click here for more free videos A dolphin stampede!

This pork is tough! (video)

Jumping Spider courtship behavior

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