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Just How Useful Are Animal Studies To Human Health?: Animal studies are of limited usefulness to human health because they are of poor quality and their results often conflict with human trials, argue researchers in a study online in the British Medical Journal. Before clinical trials are carried out, the safety and effectiveness of new…

On the Orca that attacked its trainer

Dave explains the incident and gives some excellent background information way beyond what the media reported.

Composting May Be Alternative In Wake Of Horse Slaughter Bill: The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, making its way from the U.S. House to the Senate, could leave thousands of horses with no final resting ground. Composting may be an environmentally friendly option that fits in the ‘circle of life’ frame of mind and may…

No More Animal Rights!

As Nick says: Interestingly, as opponents of science (…..) continue to take on increasingly scientific-sounding arguments (….) this study demonstrates that these are only quasi-scientific, manufactured to support a particular viewpoint and not intended to actually communicate new information. I am kinda tired of animal rightists trolls in my comments, so feel free to dissect…

Politics of Animal Protection

There has been a lot of commentary online about the Inside Higher Ed article about an UCLA primate researcher who quit his research due to being terrorised by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), and the follow up article about the steps UCLA and other Universities are taking to ensure the safety of their faculty and…

In light of the recent cases of researchers quitting animal research under the duress of threats and attacks by Animal Rights groups, e.g., Dr. Ringach at UCLA, this may be a good time to repost this old rant from May 23, 2005 (originally here, then reposted here on January 16, 2006):

Mananimals in the news again

Not just in the USA. Visceral queeziness coupled with religious sentiment coupled with scientific ignorance appears in other parts of the world as well, as in the UK The Scottish Council on Human Bioethics, a professional group based in Edinburgh, has published a report on the ethical implications of the practice in the journal Human…

Diane Rehm just read my e-mail on air

Are you listening to the show?

Yesterday, I heard the announcement on NPR for Diane Rehm’s Monday show and recoiled in horror as it appeared she used the terms “animal welfare” and “animal rights” interchangeably.