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We Get Mail…

[Pushed to the top of the page due to interesting updates…] Ah, the perils of growing traffic! I get e-mail. Usually those are nice questions about sleep disorders, or requests for link exchanges. But today I got a christianist. Oy vey! I hope I never get PZ’s traffic – I guess he gets dozens of…

Secular Question of the Day

Is there a good secular equivalent of ‘Amen’?

Mormon Missionaries knocked on a wrong door earlier today. I think their heads are still spinning…

Godlessness of the week

Carnival of the Godless — Xmas Eve Edition – is up on God is for Suckers!

Atheism on NPR

Yesterday I listened to a segment on All Things Considered called Atheist Brigade Takes Arguments to the Tolerant (podcast) with some trepidation. But, when it all ended, I thought it was not bad at all. Apart from a couple of intolerant sentences in the beginning by someone named Wolf (if I remember correctly) and a…

A simple explanation

Of Religion and Morality (December 02, 2005)

Update on M&Ms

While all this was going on I was wondering where Jason Rosenhouse would stand on all of this. He is back from a break and has two posts on the issue here and here. Update: Chris Rowan wrote an intriguing analysis and a huge thread on the topic is still ongoing on Panda’s Thumb

Thanksgivings prayer

In the past we had to make sure to remember to tell the kids not to make fun of their cousins (and adults) for saying a prayer before the Thanksgivings dinner. We tried to give a personal example by holding hands with other family members, bowing our heads and supressing laughter for the duration. This…

The ecology of religion

Imagine an ecosystem in which all the players are groups defined by their religion: fundies, liberal believers, apathetics, atheists, etc. Then, use the ecological and evolutionary priniciples, e.g., competitive exclusion, niche-construction, arms-races, parasitism, camouflage, symbiosis, etc. to model the interactions between these entities (“populations”). Amanda made a first stab at it. Can you do more?…

Godlessness of the week

Carnival of the Godless #52 is up on Skeptic Rant. Check the invisible links.