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Seven Questions….with Yours Truly

Last week, my SciBling Jason Goldman interviewed me for his blog. The questions were not so much about blogging, journalism, Open Access and PLoS (except a little bit at the end) but more about science – how I got into it, what are my grad school experiences, what I think about doing research on animals,…

Reposted, as I needed to add a few of the most recent posts to the list – see under the fold:

Now that this blog has won the Award in the Biology category, people are coming here and looking for biology posts. And on a blog with almost 10,000 posts, they may not be easy to find. So, I put together a collection of posts that I think are decent under the fold. Different lengths,…

Megalodon and other sharks at Darwin Day

Last night, braving horrible traffic on the way there, and snow on the way back, I made my way to the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences for the Darwin Day shark lecture co-organized by NESCent and the sneak preview of the Megalodon exhibit which officially opens today. I have to say that the trip was…

27 Best Deep-Sea Species, take two

The list is now final. Here are the top 13: #13 Deep-sea corals #12: Yeti Crab #11 Venus’s Flower Basket #10: Echinothuriid Sea Urchins #9: Bathynomus, the GIANT ISOPOD!!!! #8 Red Lure Jellyfish #7 Predatory Tunicates #6: Giant Sea Spiders #5 Barreleye Fish #4 Gold-Footed or Scaly Foot Snail #3 Flesh Eating Sponges #2: Bone-Devouring…

An Evolutionary Look at Sperm Holds Secrets of Mobility, Fertility: The fusion of sperm and egg succeeds in mammals because the sperm cells hyperactivate as they swim into the increasingly alkaline female reproductive tract. One fast-moving sperm drives on through the egg’s fertilization barrier. Mammals have sperm with a tail that reacts when calcium ions…

C. elegans embryonic development

Mouse Embryo Growing (video)

Mouse Embryo Growing – The funniest videos are a click away

Development of a chicken embryo (video)

Fish Embryonic Development (video)