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Amphioxus embryonic development (video)

Time Lapse Of The Embryonic Development Of Drosophila Melanogast – Watch the top videos of the week here

Xenopus embryo development (video)

Chick embryonic development (video)

Crocodile Embryo MV (video)

Time-Lapse: Zebrafish Embryos Developing

Diabetes Mellitus Explained

By SciCurious.

Olivia Judson is back in action on her blog, with a very interesting new post: Braking the Virus: However — and this is where the opportunity to rewrite genes comes in — there is more than one way to specify most of the amino acids. Glutamine, for example, can also be written as CAA. Arginine…

How does an Ion Channel work?

Michael Clarkson explains.

Alex, Dan and John Wilkins have wise things to say about metaphors in biology, Big Biology and a recent article by Sir Paul Nurse.