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G Protein Receptor

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Chatting about Epigenetics

Abbie and PZ chat about the recent discoveries in biology, how exciting those discoveries are, and how annoying it is when Creationists try to put a damper on such excitement:

A dozen or so years ago, I drove my Biochemistry prof to tears with questions – she had 200 people in front of her and she tried hard to make Biochem interesting enough not to get us all bored to tears, and she was pretty good at that, as much as it is possible not…

Chick Development Series

Miriam points to this set of pictures of the development of the chicken embryo. As I have written before, I did have to learn how to precisely stage the chick embryos, both the older stages and the early stages, in order to manipulate them at exactly the right time. Cool pics.

According to the referrers pages of my Sitemeter, a lot of you are excited by strange penises, strange penises, strange penises and strange penises (or something like it). So, today we have to move to a different topic, traffic-be-damned, for those without phallic fixations. So, read on (first posted on July 21, 2006)….

A cellular riddle

It takes 38 minutes for the E.coli genome to replicate. Yet, E.coli can bo coaxed to divide in a much shorter time: 20 minutes. How is this possible? Larry poses the riddle and provides the solution. The key is that complex biochemical processes are taught sequentially, one by one, because that is how we think…

Oxytocin and Childbirth. Or not.

When teaching human or animal physiology, it is very easy to come up with examples of ubiqutous negative feedback loops. On the other hand, there are very few physiological processes that can serve as examples of positive feedback. These include opening of the ion channels during the action potential, the blood clotting cascade, emptying of…

Folk Taxonomy?!

If this is a cat, than what is this? A pig?