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… was just announced!

James Hrynyshyn has renamed and moved his blog, Island Of Doubt to a new place, still here on, Class: M. Adjust your bookmarks and subscriptions.

A new medical research blog

Introducing Beaker, inspired by our panel at AAAS a couple of months ago. Go take a look.

WWW2010 is starting tonight. Interested to know more about it? Sure, here’s the brief history: The World Wide Web was first conceived in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The first conference of the series, WWW1, was held at CERN in 1994 and organized by Robert Cailliau. The IW3C2 was founded by…

Tech in Education at #140conf (videos)

This week in NYC, at #140 conf, I was most impressed by the talks and panels about education, and the use of online technologies, Web, and particularly social networks like Twitter in the classroom. You know I am interested in this – just search my blog for names like “David Warlick” and “Stacy Baker”, or…

The 2010 Post with the Most blogging contest is ongoing – there are nine entries so far, but not many from science bloggers. The blog post should combine original text, audio, image and/or video into a coherent multi-media whole. Check it out and submit something you have done or seen on other blogs.

Angela Shelton (@angelashelton), an Asheville NC native, gave a powerful talk at the 140conf in NYC this week:

In this talk, Jeff references his TEDx talk and a couple of his recent blog posts: The problem with comments isn’t them and News(paper) in the cloud:

The New York Times Reader: Science & Technology by Holly Stocking is now out: Science writing poses specific challenges: Science writers must engage their audiences while also explaining unfamiliar scientific concepts and processes. Further, they must illuminate arcane research methods while at the same time cope with scientific ignorance and uncertainty. Stocking’s volume not only…

Stuff I showed on my panel at AAAS

Since I don’t do PowerPoint but use the Web for presentations instead, and since the recordings from AAAS are not free (yes, you can buy them, I won’t), and since some people have asked me to show what I showed at my panel there, here is the list of websites I showed there. I opened…