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The Mighty Ant-Lion

First written on March 04, 2005 for Science And Politics, then reposted on February 27, 2006 on Circadiana, a post about a childrens’ book and what I learned about it since.

This is the fifth post in a series about mechanism of entrainment. Originally written on April 11, 2005.

We have recently covered interesting reproductive adaptations in mammals, birds, insects, flatworms, plants and protists. For the time being (until I lose inspiration) I’ll try to leave cephalopod sex to the experts and the pretty flower sex to the chimp crew. In the meantime, I want to cover another Kingdom – the mysterious world of…

The fourth post in the series on entrainment, originally written on April 10, 2005, explains the step-by-step method of constructing a PRC.

Hypotheses leading to more hypotheses (from March 19, 2006 – the Malaria Day):

The third post in the series on entrainment, first written on April 10, 2005, starts slowly to get into the meat of things…As always, clicking on the spider-clock icon will take you to the site of the original post.

This post is perhaps not my best post, but is, by far, my most popular ever. Sick and tired of politics after the 2004 election I decided to start a science-only blog – Circadiana. After a couple of days of fiddling with the templae, on January 8, 2005, I posted the very first post, this…

Clock Tutorial #10: Entrainment

This is the second in a series of posts on the analysis of entrainment, originally written on April 10, 2005.

A January 20, 2006 post placing a cool physiological/behavioral study into an evolutionary context.

Going into more and more detail, here is a February 11, 2005 post about the current knowledge about the circadian organization in my favourite animal – the Japanese quail.