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There is nothing easier than taking a bad paper – or a worse press release – and fisking it with gusto on a blog. If you happen also to know the author and keep him in contempt, the pleasure of destroying the article is even greater. It is much, much harder to write (and to…

Ah, Zugunruhe!

How birds know when and where to migrate (from April 03, 2006)

Estrogen, Aggression and Photoperiod

Randy Nelson is a wonderful person, an engaging speaker and the author of the best textbook on Behavioral Endocrinology. I heard that he is also a great teacher which does not surprise me and he has a talent for attracting some of the best students and postdocs to work in his lab. Oh, by the…

A January 20, 2006 post placing a cool physiological/behavioral study into an evolutionary context.

Another Clock Gene

Considering that circadian clocks were first discovered in plants, and studied almost exclusively in plants for almost a century before people started looking at animals in the early 20th century, it is somewhat surprising that the molecular aspects of the circadian rhythm generation mechanisms have lagged behind those in insects, vertebrates, fungi and bacteria. It…

From January 20, 2006, on the need to check the model-derived findings in non-model organisms.

In this post from April 06, 2006, I present some unpublished data that you may find interesting.

Clocks in Bacteria V: How about E.coli?

Fifth in the five-part series on clocks in bacteria, covering more politics than biology (from May 17, 2006):

Fourth in the five-part series on clocks in bacteria (from April 30, 2006):

The third installment in the five-part series on clocks in bacteria (from April 19, 2006):