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….is to read how Tiana and Kate had fun doing it: Afternoon Delight With The Discovery Institute In which it should have become clear that we were both drunk and lying Dawkins and Myers, Websites and Pride, and Still More Lies Dover and Dropping All Pretense Good Manners

Will you be the 900th….

…clone of Professor Steve Steve? Ehrm, the 900th Steve on the listing of the Project Steve?

Why teaching evolution is dangerous

It is so nice teaching biology to adults when there are no (obvious) Creationists in the classroom. It does not always happen that way – I have had a couple of cases in the past – but this time it was really nice as I could freely cover all topics deeply within an evolutionary framework…

PZ is all over the place today!

PZ just had a book review published in Nature: Science and evolution have an advocate in Kenneth Miller, one of North America’s eminent knights-errant, a scientist who is active in defending evolutionary theory in the conflict between evolution and creationism. He has been at the centre of many recent debates about science education, most prominently…

Expelled Exposed

If everyone links to Expelled Exposed by using the term Expelled, perhaps we can move it up to #1 on Google:

Skeptics in Boston

My SciBling Mike the Mad Biologist will speak tonight at the Boston Skeptics meeting. The title of the talk is “Defending Evolution the Right Way: As a Fundamental Part of Biology and Biomedicine, Not as a Cultural Icon.” so it is bound to be interesting. If you are in Boston tonight at 7pm, go and…

The latest case study can be found here.

Good news

The Florida Board of Education passed new science standards.

Intelligently Designed DNA

Someone did it. Get a prize if you correctly identify which one is intelligently designed. In both cases, the designer was an intelligent…..human. Of course. No media reports yet of bioengineering labs run by chimps, dogs, elephants or dolphins.

Huckabee on Evolution

Welcome to the 18th century Presidential candidate (under the fold):