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Belgrade Is The World

There were quite a lot of events and actions in Belgrade for the Earth Day last week. I came in on that day so I did not have time to see anything. But I loved the balloon they placed in the center of the Slavija square: it was a globe with recognizable outlines of the…

EuroTrip ’08 – Belgrade, Srdjan

I already mentioned my friend Srdjan Milovanovic before. Like his father, he is a psychiatrist now, but we go waaaaay back. We have been friends since we were really small – he was two and I was three years old. We grew up in this house – Srdjan on the 8th floor, I on 7th…

It took a century to build the St.Sava Cathedral. I remember playing on its foundations as a kid – a great fortress to play in. But the enterior has just begun to be worked on – I am not sure if the pictures can show the immensity of the space in there:

EuroTrip ’08 – Belgrade, beef soup

Beef soup with cream, eggs and lemon – today’s lunch:

EuroTrip ’08 – Belgrade, palacinke

Last night’s dinner – crepes filled with a mix of cheese, eggs and sugar, baked in the oven with some sweet cream:

EuroTrip ’08 – Belgrade, fish soup

I was kicking myself all day yesterday because I forgot to take my camera with me for most of the day. First, my mother and I went to the bank to do some business which, of course, made us hungry so we stopped by a bakery and got fresh djevrek (no, although it looks like…

OK, I posted a lot of pictures of Belgrade and my Mom’s food so far, but the real business was on Tuesday, when I gave two talks about Open Access, PLoS, Science 2.0, the future of the scientific paper, Open Notebook Science and science blogging. In the morning, I gave a talk in the gallery…

Museum of Natural History in Belgrade is 113 years old. Tomorrow, I will go to the main building to talk to people and perhaps check the library and some specimens – there is no real exhibit there. But today I went to the ancient and tiny exhibit building, all the way out on Kalemegdan (the…

Food is probably the most nostalgia-inducing facet of life….

EuroTrip ’08 – Belgrade

Cathedral of Saint Sava: Kalemegdan: