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Nothing better than coming back home after a long time (13 years since my last visit), seeing my family and eating Mom’s food:

In the end, late at night, I had dinner (goulash – excellent) with the Director of FEST and a bunch of young science journalists, all graduates (Masters) of the Trieste program in Science Communication (SISSA) and most of them involved in some way in the organization of FEST:

FEST ended with a (excellent) keynote lecture by Lawrence Krauss:

Open Access in Italian

The podcast of the radio interview with Derek Law and me about Open Access is now available online. Most of the show is in Italian, but if you cannot understand it, our interview is in English and it starts at the 22:07 minute point.

Some more pictures….

Professor Steve Steve went to FEST with me yesterday and made many friends (I told his story 50 times at least). Here he is with Lawrence Krauss: And I hope Mrs.Coturnix does not click on the “Read on….” button, as Professor Steve Steve is a well-known and certified babe magnet:

Here are some even better pictures from the panel:

The science blogging session yesterday was really fun. I am wearing headphones as everyone else was speaking Italian, so I listened to the simultaneous translation. The locals also listened to me via the interpreter:

Not many people know that James Joyce spent 11 years in Trieste as a lecturer at the University. Now, his bronze statue still walks the bridge across the canal on Ponte Rossa:

I love how many dogs I saw roaming FEST and learning about science….