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This is very cool – African Bushmeat Expedition is a project which takes high school students to Africa where they both learn the techniques and at the same time do something very useful – track the appearance of wild animal meat in the market: Although illegal wildlife poaching is conducted worldwide, the impact in Africa…

For the Triangle locavores

A special issue of The Independent on local food scene: The road to real food Farm to table challenges Farmers’ helpers One missing link: organic grains

After a lovely flight, Catriona met me at the airport. We went to the Institute where I checked in my room, set up my wifi, then went down to meet the people and have lunch: various cold cuts, true Coca Cola, and a cream puff:

Fried Smelt

This morning I had to get up early to go and give my interview for Radio Belgrade 1, at the same time when my Radio Belgrade 2 interview was on. This one will be broadcast in ten days or so. All the radio interviews will be recorded and placed on the web so I can…

Today is Orthodox Easter. Most everyone here will have lamb for lunch today. We did something different…. First, for breakfast I had snenokle (here is a recipe from a delightful Balkans food blog Palachinka) and I ground some chocolate on top of them: Then, we had eggs. Not just painted on the outside, but simmered…

EuroTrip ’08 – Belgrade, beef soup

Beef soup with cream, eggs and lemon – today’s lunch:

EuroTrip ’08 – Belgrade, palacinke

Last night’s dinner – crepes filled with a mix of cheese, eggs and sugar, baked in the oven with some sweet cream:

EuroTrip ’08 – Belgrade, fish soup

I was kicking myself all day yesterday because I forgot to take my camera with me for most of the day. First, my mother and I went to the bank to do some business which, of course, made us hungry so we stopped by a bakery and got fresh djevrek (no, although it looks like…

Food is probably the most nostalgia-inducing facet of life….

There is a lot of stuff one hears about food, sustainability, environment, etc., and it is sometimes hard to figure out what is true and what is not, what is based on science and what is emotion-based mythology. For instance, some things I have heard over the years and have no means to evaluate if…