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In a time-crunch like this, one can always count on Buzz Skyline to save the day…..

I’ve been lazy over the holidays with my blogging, so I’ll defer, once again, to Physics Of Sex blog: Part 2 of Pumped Up and Ready for Love: Sex and Fluid Physics And once the flow gets going, you may want to make sure that your toys are ethical.

Friday Weird Sex Blogging

Teaching circulatory physiology is pretty much the same as teaching fluid physics. It can get a bit tough and boring. But, if it is taught like this, I bet ther would be no students sleeping in the back row and failing the tests….

This does not have much to do with circadian oscillations, or even the daily rhythms of human mating, but a much faster rhythm of human mating – you know what I’m talking about… The fascinating new blog, The Physics of Sex, explains the physics in great detail and gives you ideas for your own home…

I mean, er, an entomologist with a keen interest in insect sex? If so, you can buy this cool poster (pdf). More info on the poster is here. Shopping info is here.

Friday Weird Sex Blogging

As seen on Facebook (I could not find the originals anywhere online – if you do, please let me know so I can attribute it correctly):

“Boy, this is going to be hard…”

…and it will stay hard for another 4 hours. [That is Friday Weird Sex Blogging for this week….]

Friday Weird Sex Blogging – Ladybugs

Since I already posted, earlier in the week, the weirdest and most disgusting animal sex post ever, instead of writing a new one, I’ll just send you to see some cute ladybug sex (scroll down to the middle of the post), which also reminded me of these pictures I dicovered a few months ago. Or…

I had several ideas for today’s edition that I thought were really great, until I saw this. There is nothing I can write today that can get any better. I know when I am outcompeted and I bow to His Tentacled Majesty. I’ll try something better next week….