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Oxygen (video)

Future: News From The Year 2137 Trailer For explanation, read this.

I can see this as instructional material while dissecting a real frog, getting a feel for its texture, smell, seeing the individual differences between the way multiple frogs look on the inside, but not as a replacement of the real thing. What do you think?

I’m a Social Media Guru (video)

On the other hand….read: Lesson From Social Media Day: I’m An Expert, Too.

Are Zombies nocturnal?

Blame ‘Night of the Living Dead’ for this, but many people mistakenly think that zombies are nocturnal, going around their business of walking around town with stilted gaits, looking for people whose brains they can eat, only at night. You think you are safe during the day? You are dangerously wrong! Zombies are on the…

It’s not genetic (video)

Save the Panda (video)

Rubber hand illusion (video)

Brain-Computer Interface (video)

From Science in Seconds :