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‘Rent’ at Duke

The other night I went to the opening night of RENT at Duke, the latest production of the Hoof ‘n’ Horn ensemble, the ‘South’s oldest student-run musical theater organization’ (find them on Facebook and Twitter). Here’s the promo video, released before the opening night: I always have difficulty judging plays by amateur ensembles – at…

We got cartooned!!!

ROFL! Can you recognize your favourite sciencebloggers in this comic strip by Joseph Hewitt? To see larger (and read the associated text) go to Ataraxia Theatre

Lightning Hands (video)

Guy in a Faraday Suite getting hit by 500,000 volts … lightning shooting out of his fingertips. Via Frank Swain and Johannes Wiebus

Quality of YouTube comments (video)

Photosynthesis Rap (video)

Jeff Polish’s students at Cary Academy.

Fossil Jewelry

These are totally cool! See the Stephaniegeology etsy store for more. What she did is get some actual fossils from Doug Grove (husband of Tatjana Jovanovic-Grove), make molds out of these fossils and then make jewelry from those molds. Fascinating!

Remember that ‘vampire’ is one the few words that Serbian language gave to the world. Garlic is THE remedy against everything there…..