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Yesterday, Chris Mooney published an article in Washington Post, If scientists want to educate the public, they should start by listening. It has already received many comments on the site, as well as on Chris’ blog posts here and here and here. It will be followed by a longer paper tomorrow, at which time this…

Don’t Be a Sucker (video)

A 1947 movie made by the Department of War – as current today as it was then: You can download the video or watch it bigger here.

Preaching to the choir

I got this video from Orac’s blog where an interesting comment thread is developing. This also goes against those who lament the “echo chambers” but those tend to be the same people who write HeSaidSheSaid articles every day – they live in a binary world where only “who wins the two-horse horserace” matters and anything…

Spring Awakening

On Friday, the Bride of Coturnix, Coturnietta, a friend of hers and I went to DPAC to see ‘Spring Awakening‘. As you may already know, this is a rock adaptation of an old play located in late-19th century Germany, following the growth and maturation of a group of high school students surrounded by a disciplinarian…

Essentialism beyond just animals

How religion generates social conservatism: You could make a reasonable case that pencils have a purpose, but pencil shavings just exist. But what about elephants? Religious people and children are, of course, more likely than non-religious adults to say that animals exist for a purpose. But what about men and women? Black people and whites?…

…and now I remember where I saw them before:

How Should We Call Them?

A follow-up on last night’s repost (originally from April 06, 2005)…


An oldie (March 28, 2005) but goodie, bound to stir up the comment section……….

This post (from January 14, 2005) is how I see the political/ideological landscape in the USA.

What ‘Bout Them Libertarians?

This is an old anti-Libertarian screed (from December 2004) that is bound to attract trolls (and traffic)….