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Femiphobia and Race

This provocative stream-of-consciousness post was first posted on April 17, 2005.

Two old posts about Hillary Clinton

I wrote this on January 28, 2006. Was I wrong then? Is that wrong now? Have things changed in the meantime? Lefty Blogosphere and the Love/Hate of Hillary

Two Americas: Past, Present and Future

This post from November 26, 2004 was my fourth (out of five), and longest, analysis of the 2004 election. With Balkans and Creationism sprinkled in. How did it stand the test of time over the past 3.5 years?

It is great when you write a blog post about somebody, then that somebody shows up in the comments and clarifies his position thus starting an interesting conversation (both in the comments and via e-mail), then you realize that his book-signing tour is bringing that somebody to your town, so you go there and meet…

Stephanie Coontz On Marriage

You probably know that I am quite interested in the history, current state, evolution and future of the institution of marriage, mainly because it is an important indicator of societal attitudes towards sex and towards gender-relations, which is the key to understanding political ideology. Between May 29, 2005 and February 23, 2006 I frequently mentioned…

This is not a real review – I never got to writing it – but it is about a book I mention quite often in my blog posts and think is one of the most insightful about the conservative mindset. Written originally on October 21, 2004:

Nurturant is not Coddly!

I wrote this on September 21, 2004, as a reaction to the misunderstanding of Lakoff’s term “Nurturant Parent”. Slightly edited (eliminated bad links and such).

Nationalism is not Patriotism

Here’s another topic seen through the Lakoffian looking glass (July 23, 2005):

Nationalism and Patriotism

A repost from July 6, 2006:

Why Is Academia Liberal?

When I posted this originally (here and here) I quoted a much longer excerpt from the cited Chronicle article than what is deemed appropriate, so this time I urge you to actually go and read it first and then come back to read my response.