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The Political Brain

This post was initially published on September 16, 2004. It takes a critical look at some UCLA studies on brain responses of partisan voters exposed to images of Bush and Kerry:

Before the days of Times Select, David Brooks used to provoke long rants twice a week. This post from October 24, 2004 is one of those.

Lakoff In Space And Time

This post from October 21, 2004 laments the lack of spatial and temporal context for Lakoff’s theory of political ideology.

This post was first written on October 28, 2004 on Science And Politics, then it was republished on December 05, 2005 on The Magic School Bus. The Village vs. The University – all in your mind.

This may just be the right time….

…to revisit this discussion. Keep the current election in mind as you read all the posts.

This is one a couple of posts about Creationism, written originally on May 1st, 2005.

Moral Order

This was an early post of mine building upon George Lakoff analysis of the psychology underlying political ideology. It was first published on September 04, 2004 (mildly edited):

This was first posted on forums on July 10, 2004, then republished on Science And Politics on August 18, 2004. That was to be just the first, and most raw, post on this topic on my blog. It was followed by about a 100 more posts building on this idea, modifying it, and changing…


Read this. Then watch this: How does Palin fit into this? Like this? Or this? Or this? Or this (check my comments there)? Related

owlz: Stated or not, the extreme right, the real audience intended to be won over by the Palin choice, will be eagerly anticipating her becoming president at the earliest possible date. They will be looking for her to have influence even while McCain is in office. The cynicism of choosing someone at odds with his…