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The Mighty Ant-Lion

First written on March 04, 2005 for Science And Politics, then reposted on February 27, 2006 on Circadiana, a post about a childrens’ book and what I learned about it since.

Neurons developing out ot Mesoderm?!

Snuck into the very end of this, otherwise very interesting article on neurobiology of cephalopods and moths, is this little passage: As for flies, Tublitz outlined a tantalizing question, as yet unanswered, that has continued to take flight out of his lab for the last decade. Scientists for years, he said, have held “one hard…

What Are Gonads For (Among Else)?

This post from January 21, 2005, is about insects, parasitoids and the mental approach to science:

As always, animal porn is under the fold: