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Spineless for a year

Circus of the Spineless #12 is up on Sunbeam from Cucumbers. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since this fine carnival started!

Another time-scale in insect brains

Bumble Bees Can Estimate Time Intervals: In a finding that broadens our understanding of time perception in the animal kingdom, researchers have discovered that an insect pollinator, the bumble bee, can estimate the duration of time intervals. Although many insects show daily and annual rhythms of behavior, the more sophisticated ability to estimate the duration…

Neurons developing out ot Mesoderm?!

Snuck into the very end of this, otherwise very interesting article on neurobiology of cephalopods and moths, is this little passage: As for flies, Tublitz outlined a tantalizing question, as yet unanswered, that has continued to take flight out of his lab for the last decade. Scientists for years, he said, have held “one hard…

As always, animal porn is under the fold:

Daily Rhythms in Cnidaria

The origin and early evolution of circadian clocks are far from clear. It is now widely believed that the clocks in cyanobacteria and the clocks in Eukarya evolved independently from each other. It is also possible that some Archaea possess clock – at least they have clock genes, thought to have arived there by lateral…