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Kevin in China

Here is another installment of his herping travelogue.

People and other animals

In China, as seen though Kevin’s lens. Related.

Another Kevin’s photo-essay from China

Kevin has just posted another photo-rich report from his herpetology survey in China. Lots of pictures of Chinese landscape, Chinese people, Chinese food, and yes – cool Chinese animals.

New photo-essay by Kevin from China

Kevin has posted another very long and picture-rich essay from his China survey. Many pictures of interesting reptiles and amphibians, yummy food, and stunning Chinese landscapes.

Kevin back from China

For those of you who have enjoyed Kevin’s herpetology dispatches from China two years ago, you may want to go over to the and read his reports from this year’s trip.

Kevin is in China again

For those of you who remember the adventures of Kevin in China from two years ago, he is there again, doing his herpetology fieldwork and reporting regularly. Instead of this blog, he is posting his adventures and pictures on a herp forum – probably the best way to follow is to check out his posts…

Kevin is back from China and busy with school, work and herping in the Sandhills so it took him some time to put together this last installment, covering the last few days in China, the last-ditch efforts to ID some of the mysterious frogs, and the glorious return. We have yet to get together for…

Kevin has only 5 more days in China so, apart from rain, various farewell dinners are keeping him too busy to do much collecting. Except, this time, it is a different kind of herping altogether, watching the alligators at a farm and diving for turtles.

The adventures continue. It’s like Steve Irwin, but without the cameras.

Well, nobody in the comments here or here could help Kevin identify the mystery frog yet (if you are a herpetologist or fancy being one, take a look) and now Kevin caught yet another, even more mysterious frog. Can you help him identify it? Leave a comment here if you recognize what frogs are these.…