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Introducing PLoS Currents: Influenza

Yesterday PLoS and Google unveiled PLoS Currents: Influenza, a Google Knol hosted collection of rapid communications about the swine flu. In his blog post A new website for the rapid sharing of influenza research (also posted on the official Google blog), Dr.Harold Varmus explains: The key goal of PLoS Currents is to accelerate scientific discovery…

Weight Loss – what works, really?

You may remember Dr.Charles whose blog was here on for a while two years ago. He took a hiatus from blogging, but is now back at it with a vengeance at his new site which I warmly recommend you visit. Today’s post is interesting – and not just because it is partially about a…

The World is a radio show co-produced by WGBH Boston, Public Radio International and BBC. You can probably hear it on your local NPR station – if not, you can find all the shows recorded on the website. You may remember that I went to Boston a few months ago, as a part of a…

Ginny Barbour, Part 5: Open Access, Achievements and Looking Forward from PLoS on Vimeo.

Ginny Barbour, Part 4: PLoS Medicine’s Fifth Anniversary and Future Plans from PLoS on Vimeo.

Ginny Barbour, Part 3: PLoS Medicine Open Access to Health Information from PLoS on Vimeo.

Speaking of Medicine

If you read this blog even superficially, you are probably aware of everyONE, the community blog of PLoS ONE. The blog has been so successful, that our colleagues at PLoS Medicine have decided to follow our example and start their own community blog. And, today they are ready to reveal – Speaking of Medicine. Go…