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Fainting Goats

The Beautiful Mind: Making Memories

Science Communicators of North Carolina: Thursday, August 7 7 p.m. The Beautiful Mind: Making Memories Dr. Kelly Giovanello of the UNC-CH Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory Lab. Part of the Morehead Planetarium Current Science Forum. 250 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill, (919) 962-1236

Time Perception news

Carl Zimmer: How Your Brain Can Control Time: For 40 years, psychologists thought that humans and animals kept time with a biological version of a stopwatch. Somewhere in the brain, a regular series of pulses was being generated. When the brain needed to time some event, a gate opened and the pulses moved into some…

Marc Dingman is touching on my own favorite topic: It’s All About Timing: Circadian Rhythms and Behavior And SciCurios goes only millimeters below the suprachiasmatic nucleus: Diabetes Insipidus as a Sequel to a Gunshot Wound of the Head Both posts well worth your time.

The Beautiful Mind

News from SCONC (Science Communicators of North Carolina): On Thursday, June 5 at 7 p.m. in the Banquet Hall of the Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill, NC: Public Lecture: The Beautiful Mind: Breakthroughs and Breakdowns of the Brain, with Dr. Ayse Belger.

No matter how cutesy the acronim SAD is. Joseph reports on a study that links SAD to serotonin. But serotonin itself may not be necessary to understand how SAD works, though an intimate link between serotonin and melatonin (the former is the biochemical precursor of the latter) suggests that serotonin should be looked at in…

Spiders and Bycicles

Since everyone is posting about spiders this week, I though I’d republish a sweet old post of mine, which ran on April 19, 2006 under the title “Happy Bicycle Day!” I hope you like this little post as much as I enjoyed writing it:

There have recently been several articles in the media about brain enhancers, so-called Nootropics, or “smart drugs”. They have been abused by college students for many years now, but they are now seeping into other places where long periods of intense mental focus are required, including the scientific research labs. Here is a recent article…

News from SCONC: Linda Buck is the Nobel-Prize winner that may live farthest from NC (but still in the U.S.). She will give a seminar Monday, March 10 at 4 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom of the Talley Center at NCSU. Buck won the Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2004 for the discovery of…

Science Cafe in Raleigh – Teenage Brains

Science Cafe on Teenage Brains : Teenagers sometimes act as though they were from a different planet. On Tuesday February 19, the Museum of Natural Sciences will host a science cafe entitled “Altered States: Inside the Teenage Brain” at Tir Na Nog in Raleigh at 6:30p.m. The session will be led by Wilkie Wilson, Duke…