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Drunk History – Nikola Tesla (video)

I wonder how much more (and more accurate) detail this guy would get when sober. And how much less most other people would be able to say when sober….

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!

Three years ago it was a big round number. This year, it’s the Google logo:

Tesla – still an inspiration

Guru alerts me to a sweet article about Nikola Tesla and how he is inspiring writers and artists – Tesla Slept Here by Mark Singer in the latest New Yorker : The Tesla saga has provided fodder for an opera, a play, and several biographies. Standing in the lobby the other day, Kinney mentioned that…


From here (hat-tip).

Happy birthday, Nikola Tesla

This day, Tesla’s birthday, is proposed to become the Global Energy Independence Day. Let’s make it happen! If you don’t know much about Tesla, my last years’ post about him may be of some help….

For a blogger – by definition on the cutting edge of technology – I am quite a Luddite. Perhaps that is too strong a term and I should rather call myself a “patient techno-skeptic”. I watch the development of new technologies with interest, but I almost never get any kind of visceral excitement “I Have…

Who? Me jealous? Why?

It came to me so naturally – no big thinking involved, no tweaking the results, this is who I am: Which Historical Lunatic Are You?From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

The missing secrets of Nikola Tesla

It’s 45 minutes long, but it is worth your time: (Via)


I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out since April. Now, it is not playing in the theater up the street. Perhaps I’ll have to go elsewhere, driving, finding parking…but see it I will!

Nikola Tesla

Everything you ever wanted to know about Tesla, you can find here – an amazing collection of links.