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Field Trip! Water, sewage and flowers

This was a very busy day. I went to five science-related places/events today (and one yesterday). The first three, this morning, were part of an education school trip with my daughter’s class and her science teacher. First we visited the OWASA Water Treatment Plant which provides tap water for about 80,000 people in Chapel Hill…

Under the fold are some pictures from the inaugural Long Table event at 3Cups in Chapel Hill with Moroccan food prepared by Sandwhich, organized by Anton and Erin Zuiker. There were about 35 people there. I knew a few of them from before, but it was mostly new people I got to meet. Some people…


Music that makes me laugh, or makes me want to dance, is entertaining music. Music that makes me think or admire the artist’s skills, is good music. Music that makes me cry is Great Music. Rare.

An important date in history

17 years ago, there were no broods of periodic cicadas emerging (and also none this year). But that year something much more momentous happened, on this day exactly – Catharine changed her name….into something translatable as ‘The Bride Of Coturnix’ 😉 Happy anniversary, medawlin’

Cohen in Durham

Oh, did I tell you that Leonard Cohen will be in Durham in November? Yes, that Leonard Cohen whose music I grew up with? Yes, I bought the tickets as soon as it was possible and will go to DPAC on November 3rd to hear him live. Finally!!! I heard that his concert in Belgrade…

I won! I won! I won!

A signed print of this!!!! See, I heard it here first! And here is the official announcement with the details of the contest.

In vitro veritas

My new t-shirt arrived: From Zazzle.

Who are you calling fat, eh?

Wow, the weight-loss topic is still going strong in the blogosphere (see that post for links for several initial posts). Pal MD has more and some more. Dr.Isis is on a roll. Janet is now in the discussion. Bikemonkey joins in. Larry’s had something related recently. It is interesting to see how experts differ on…

ClockCast #1

A couple of months ago, my SciBling David Dobbs and I recorded about an hour of discussion for We talked mainly about science journalism, but also about journalism in general, about the future of the book, etc. Unfortunately, Dave’s half of the file got broken beyond repair, so the show never aired. I kept…

As you may already be aware I am about to embark on a trip to Europe again. I will be traveling on Sunday and arriving at Lindau, Germany on Monday for the 59th Meeting of Nobel Laureates. The list of Nobel Laureates (23 of them) and the list of about 600 young researchers from 66…