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Jumping on the “omics” Bandwagon

Sandra Porter is having fun collecting all the new-fangled biological subdisciplines that end with “-omics”. The final product of each such project also has a name, ending with “-ome”. You have all heard of the Genome (complete sequence of all the DNA of an organism) and the Genomics (the effort to obtain such a sequence),…

Atlantis, lost and found, again

John bemoans the state of science journalism, with some added history of the Atlantis hypothesis.

Fundamental Questions in Biology. Here is a quote from the end: The questions that biologists from diverse subdisciplines are asking have commonalities that make clear the continued existence of fundamental challenges that unify biology and that should form the core of much research in the decades to come. Some of these questions are as follows:…

Mananimals in the news again

Not just in the USA. Visceral queeziness coupled with religious sentiment coupled with scientific ignorance appears in other parts of the world as well, as in the UK The Scottish Council on Human Bioethics, a professional group based in Edinburgh, has published a report on the ethical implications of the practice in the journal Human…

Teaching Biology Lab – Week 2

This is by far the most popular of the four installments in this series because it contains the nifty puzzle exercise. Click on the spider-web-clock icon to see the comments on the original post. Just like last week, I have scheduled this post to appear at the time when I am actually teaching this very…


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