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Excited by milky substances?

There are many organisms that one can extract milky substances from, but cactus is NOT one of those. Which is a simple and useful way to figure out if the needly thing in front of you is a cactus or something else….

Congratulations to Karen James!

Excitement on science blogs! Karen James of the Beagle Project Blog has just today published a paper in PLoS ONE: Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) for Pan-Genomic Evolutionary Studies of Non-Model Organisms: Background High-throughput tools for pan-genomic study, especially the DNA microarray platform, have sparked a remarkable increase in data production and enabled a shift in…

Fiona turns green and ogre-ish at night

‘Fiona’ Gene Controls Flower’s Physiologic Clock: Scientists have found a new gene that regulates the daily and yearly physiological cycles of flowering and seeding. POSTECH researchers, led by Nam Hong-gil and Kim Jeong-sik, said that they named the gene FIONA1 after the heroine in the popular animation “Shrek.” In the animation, princess Fiona is human…

Olduvai George on NPR

I was lucky to be in the car at the right time this morning to catch a story about Mastodons in Manhattan: A Botanical Puzzle, i.e., why honey locust trees in NYCity have long thorns – an interesting story (click on the link and click on “Listen Now”) which, among others, features our blog-friend Carl…

As a part of the Darwin Day celebration the North Carolina Botanical Garden has organized a series of events for today, culminating in the lecture “Darwin the Botanist” by Dr.William Kimler, a Darwinian scholar and the professor of History (of Science) at NCSU: Most people do not think of Charles Darwin as a botanist. He…

Gambling away the Farm

A good WaPo article: Pelosi takes heat for OK of farm bill Ken Cook explains it very clearly: The Pelosi Farm Bill: A Corn Subsidy Windfall

Old, Hot and Pretty!

New Habanero Blasts Taste Buds — And Pepper Pests: The super-hot, bright orange TigerPaw-NR habanero pepper offers extreme pungency for pepper aficionados, plus nematode resistance that will make it a hit with growers and home gardeners. Plant geneticist Richard L. Fery and plant pathologist Judy A. Thies at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) U.S. Vegetable…

TreeBlogging of the Month

Festival of the Trees #7 is up on The Voltage Gate

TreeBlogging of the Month

Festival of the Trees 6 – Taking Root and Bearing Fruit – is up on Arboreality.

Another Clock Gene

Considering that circadian clocks were first discovered in plants, and studied almost exclusively in plants for almost a century before people started looking at animals in the early 20th century, it is somewhat surprising that the molecular aspects of the circadian rhythm generation mechanisms have lagged behind those in insects, vertebrates, fungi and bacteria. It…