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Seven Questions….with Yours Truly

Last week, my SciBling Jason Goldman interviewed me for his blog. The questions were not so much about blogging, journalism, Open Access and PLoS (except a little bit at the end) but more about science – how I got into it, what are my grad school experiences, what I think about doing research on animals,…

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Lizards, carcasses and bacteria

Do Komodo dragons kill their prey by making them sick with the bacteria from their dirty mouths? Or do they kill with strength, speed and venom while bacteria are just incidental? Or is it bacteria who hitch a ride on the lizards on their journeys from one juicy carcass to the next?

The winner, as always, has been announced on the everyONE blog so jump on over there….

… was just announced!

Stuff I showed on my panel at AAAS

Since I don’t do PowerPoint but use the Web for presentations instead, and since the recordings from AAAS are not free (yes, you can buy them, I won’t), and since some people have asked me to show what I showed at my panel there, here is the list of websites I showed there. I opened…

Two new PLoS Collections

PLoS recently started two new thematic collections of articles: RECOMB Regulatory Genomics and Systems Biology 2009 and the Rabies Collection. Check them out.

US seeks to make science free for all by Declan Butler: The push to open up scientific knowledge to all looks set to go into overdrive. Over the past decade, the accessibility offered by the Internet has transformed science publishing. Several efforts have already tried to harness the web’s power to make research papers available…

Various PLoS news

For those of you not subscribed to the PLoS Blog or everyONE blog, here are some of the latest news: Introducing the PLoS Medicine iPhone application A new search server is powering the PLoS journal websites Author Spotlight: Interview with Joseph Sertich and Mark Loewen PLoS ONE reviewed by leading library journal Weekly PLoS ONE…

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