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Here are all the finalists. And here is the proof:

On Speaking of Medicine: PLoS Medicine turns 5 years old on October 19th, 2009. To highlight the crucial importance of open access in medical publishing we’re holding a competition to find the best medical paper published under an open-access license anywhere (not just in PLoS) since our launch. Vote for your choice from the 6…

PLoS ONE Blog Pick Of The Month for August

And the winner is….

Leo Laporte and Kirsten Sanford (aka Dr.Kiki) interviewed (on Jason Hoyt from Mendeley and Peter Binfield from PLoS ONE about Open Access, Science 2.0 and new ways of doing and publishing science on the Web. Well worth your time watching!

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Wow – I had no idea this existed: Until Graham Steel visited the Cambridge office and posted about his experience. Instead of trusting Google Maps (which always gets me lost in Durham, NC) I relied on the experience of a Cambridge cab driver when I visited last year.

Introducing PLoS Currents: Influenza

Yesterday PLoS and Google unveiled PLoS Currents: Influenza, a Google Knol hosted collection of rapid communications about the swine flu. In his blog post A new website for the rapid sharing of influenza research (also posted on the official Google blog), Dr.Harold Varmus explains: The key goal of PLoS Currents is to accelerate scientific discovery…

Talk given by Peter Binfield at the ISMTE meeting (slides and audio): The Future of Online (Academic) Publishing – Presentation to the ISMTE August 2009 Tags: journals academic publishing STM online publishing PLoS PLoS ONE article level metrics

Two recent events put in stark relief the differences between the old way of doing things and the new way of doing things. What am I talking about? The changing world of science publishing, of course. Let me introduce the two examples first, and make some of my comments at the end. Example 1. Publishing…


A run-down of good recent stuff, highly recommended for your weekend reading and bookmarking: PLoS One: Interview with Peter Binfield: …In my view PLoS ONE is the most dynamic, innovative and exciting journal in the world, and I am proud to work on it. In many ways PLoS ONE operates like any other journal however…