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Geocentrism: the True Believers

Style over Substance

Remember this, and use it next time you are debating religion, politics or pseudoscience: “….someone wearing nothing but a Peter Gibbons-esque cheerful smile and having nothing but kind words for anyone will always be wrong if he says 2 + 2 = 5, and that if I call him a douchebag on wheels and use…

Alan Sokal (famous for attacking the Lefty postmodernist abuse of science in the 1990s) and Chris Mooney (famous for attacking the Republican War on Science in the 2000s) sat down and wrote an excellent article in LA Times that came out today: Can Washington get smart about science? The article gives a historical trajectory of…

The Elephants of the Atlantis

I love it when Archy blogs about mammoths and the latest post is perhaps his best yet!

It appears that Ed Cone gets some commenters who desperately need to tune in next time Skeptic’s Circle comes around! They defend this crap (and, in turn, attack Randi of all people) in the comment thread! Oy vey! Some people still believe in spoon-bending and are vehemently defending it in a public forum with no…

Mark points out to this amazing example of innumeracy: Yup, it is 25 minutes long and it is frustrating as hell. And there is no resolution in the end. To make a long story short, the guy went to Canada and before the trip he asked Verizon what his charge would be while there. He…

Or the Carnival of the Godless? You can mine this site for ideas. Ooooh, scientific materialism! Scary! Papa Jeebus, protect me, please, because I am a coward!


On the Bosnian Pyramid in English

If you are interested in the saga of the Bosnian pyramid, it may be difficult for you to follow it as the members of the Anti-Pyramid Webring write mainly in some version of Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian language. But now, they have started a new, central blog for posts in English – the APWR Central. Contributors are needed.

Reverend William Paley’s Circadian Clock

An oldie but goodie (June 12, 2005) debunking one of the rare Creationist claims that encroaches onto my territory.